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Call The Man Home Inspections LLC.
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Know it before you buy it!

                                                Home inspections, thorough, experienced backed, detailed.

For a thorough home inspection you have come to the right place. My name is Scott Truslow and I own Call The Man Home Inspections and personally perform all inspections. In the following page I will try to explain a little about me and what I do.

I exceed what most inspectors do, I exceed what the state law requires, and I exceed what my national association requires when it comes to home inspections. I will check the overall structure from top to bottom, the electrical service, the plumbing and fixtures, the appliances, the HVAC systems, windows doors, roofing, basically if I can see it or touch it I will check it or inform you of what I did not. My rates are usually lower than all of my competition. I have been operating businesses for over 20 years and have been in business here in Tennessee for over 15 years.

I use my experience in home repairs, remodeling, plumbing (state licensed) and inspecting combined with the training I have received through INACHI and PARR inspections. I perform regular continuing education programs to stay on top of new issues and to help find resolutions to old issues. I have personally serviced, remodeled, and inspected locations over 150 years old and some new. I have seen and studied building methods of all types.

I also have experience in the commercial field. I was responsible for all the maintenance needs of a 40 room assisted living center over a 5 year period. I have remodeled commercial locations and performed maintenance service for large retail/commercial operations. I also perform plumbing and or inspections, for lenders, banks, national organizations, and federal contractors.

             I service most areas in middle Tennessee and would appreciate the opportunity to be of service.